Daily PR Brief – Mon 03/19/18

Check out some of today’s best PR industry news clips: The Oscars of the PR industry (PR Week – March 16, 2018) Five Reasons B2B Companies Should Not Ignore Social Media (Forbes – March 19, 2018) 10 guidelines for launching a global PR strategy (PR Daily – March 19, 2018) How the ‘Slap Rihanna’ Ad Slipped Through the Cracks on […]

Daily PR Brief – Tue 02/20/18

Check out some of today’s best PR industry news clips: Announcing PR Daily’s 2017 Video & Visual Awards finalists (PR Daily – February 20, 2018) How To Conquer TMI, The No. 1 Career Killer (Forbes – February 16, 2018) KFC’s response to chicken crisis shows confidence in its brand (PR Week – February 20, 2018) 3 reasons why the agency-client […]

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Daily PR Brief – Fri 02/02/18

Check out some of today’s best PR industry news clips: 4 Guidelines for the Data-Enhanced PR Pro (PR News – February 1, 2018) 10 items to scrub from your resumé and LinkedIn profile (Ragan – February 2, 2018) 13 Ways Your Business Can Win More Media Exposure (Forbes – January 31, 2018) 3 crucial steps PR pros should take before […]

Daily PR Brief – Wed 01/17/18

Check out some of today’s best PR industry news clips: 10 Simple Ways to Greatly Improve Your PR Measurement this Year (Business 2 Community – January 17, 2018) 4 ways pro bono work benefits your career (PR Daily – January 17, 2018) How Your Brand Can Strengthen Its Relationship With Future Generations (Forbes – January 17, 2018) Is Cry for […]

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Daily PR Brief – Tue 01/09/18

Check out some of today’s best PR industry news clips: Three Ways To Turn Around Your Business After A Catastrophic Event (Forbes – January 9, 2018) 4 reasons for PR pros to stay home if they’re sick (PR Daily – January 9, 2018) 5 digital skills communicators should sharpen in the new year (Ragan – January 9, 2018) Podcast: Lessons […]

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Daily PR Brief – Wed 11/29/17

Hi!  Read some of today’s best PR clips: 14 Things Agency Professionals Desperately Want To Redesign (Forbes – November 28, 2017) Why Today’s PR Professionals Need Delegation Skills (Spin Sucks – November 29, 2017) Announcing PR Daily’s 2017 Content Marketing Awards finalists (PR Daily – November 29, 2017) Can PR pros capitalize on the podcasting craze? (Ragan – November 28, 2017) NBC Owns […]

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Daily PR Brief – Thu 06/29/17

Howdy! Here are some of today’s best PR clips: A Hard Look At Fake PR, And Why Every Brand Can Benefit From Exuding More Human Emotion (Forbes – June 29, 2017) 30 jobs in the PR and marketing world (PR Daily – June 28, 2017) Should PR pros go to grad school? (Ragan – June 29, 2017) Podcast: Gail Heimann’s […]

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How To Make Your PR Pitch More Effective

tl;dr – Do your research, build relationships, influence the influencers Now more than ever, building relationships and genuine engagement with journalists is crucial in pitching and generating media coverage for your brand. Digital marketing expert and Tippingpoint Labs co-founder Andrew M. Davis emphasizes this idea, and offers a strategy for […]

How To Monitor Your PR Disaster As It Happens

  Preparing for a PR Disaster You know it’s coming. Your company will be undergoing unexpected changes in management or making an announcement that could potentially draw speculation and/or criticism in the media.  The potential is growing for a full-blown PR disaster. Or – you’re dealing with the aftermath of […]

How Redskins PR Generated $442,126 of Negative Publicity

Using Bad Measurement Can Cut Both Ways It’s admittedly silly to get worked up about PR Measurement, but today I am.  I see the goal of measurement to fall into one of two camps – Scoreboards or Roadmaps.  The Scoreboard measures how you’re doing. The Roadmap looks at data and […]


5 Google Reader alternatives (for those still looking)

Yes, we ARE still hung up on this nearly two years later Google Reader is Dead (RSS is not) We spend hours a day sifting through huge volumes of information, so the functionality and feature set of our RSS readers is a quality of life issue.  Google Reader was an amazing […]