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Trust Barometer Finds Covid Concerns Still Running High (PRovoke – March 12, 2021)

Summary Section:

How Editorial Calendars Are Key To Great PR Campaigns
By Veronica Amenta
Crenshaw Communications – March 11, 2021
How can PR pros use editorial calendars to help them plan their next campaign?

Big Oil and Climate Change: Old PR Wine in New Bottles
By Bill Huey
O’Dwyer’s – March 11, 2021
It seems that all God’s children gotta have a climate strategy or a sustainability schtick these days, and Big Oil is no exception.

A venerated communicator shares hard-won wisdom from a remarkable career
By Robby Brumberg
PR Daily – March 12, 2021
Peter Woolfolk drops his best tips on media relations, crisis comms and delivering meaningful messages amid turmoil.

How 15 Agencies Are Creating A More Engaging Workplace In 2021
Forbes Agency Council – March 12, 2021
As more agencies adopt work-from-home or flex-location policies for the long term, they face new challenges in keeping staff engaged. How can remote or hybrid agencies create a more interesting and engaging workplace this year?

More PR Takeaways from Oprah’s Royal Interview
By Evan Nierman, Founder and CEO of Red Banyan
PRNEWS – March 11, 2021
The interview tackled ugly accusations, but did so in a measured way. Meghan, Harry and Oprah came out stronger for it.

1 Year Later: Communications in the Age of COVID-19
By Carole Bober Gentry
PRSay – March 11, 2021
It’s been a year since COVID-19 turned the world upside down. Things once considered normal now seem odd, even outdated.

AMA: KPIs, Crisis Comms, Ignorant Tweets, and Skinny Jeans
By Gini Dietrich, Founder and CEO of Arment Dietrich
Spin Sucks – March 12, 2021
On this week’s Spin Sucks AMA, Gini Dietrich answers questions from the community about crisis communications, KPIs, ignorant tweets, and skinny jeans.

How, when and if PR is returning to the office post-pandemic
By Daney Parker
PRmoment (UK) – March 11, 2021
As we come to the end of our last lockdown (fingers crossed), we find out how PR teams are preparing to get back to the office and how office life will be different from before. That is for those who are going back to an office…

Expert Comment: Queen’s response to Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s interview a ‘masterclass’
By Nicole Reaney
Inside Out PR (Australia) – March 12, 2021
If it seems like the heat has gone out of the royal feud since the Queen gave a 61-word response to Harry and Meghan’s bombshell interview with Oprah, it’s no accident, with a PR expert saying Her Majesty provided a masterclass in crisis management.

Burger King and PR guru highlight risks of setting out to be controversial on social media
By Adam Fisher
Media First (UK) – March 11, 2021
Burger King and PR guru Gordon Beattie have both found themselves in the firing line for making provocative social media posts about sensitive subjects.

Trust Barometer Finds Covid Concerns Still Running High
By Diana Marszalek
PRovoke – March 12, 2021
An Edelman Trust Barometer poll finds 67% of respondents are operating in “pandemic survival mode.”

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