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Amid Mass Layoffs in Fashion and Beauty PR, Boutique Agencies Bloom
By Joelle Diderich
WWD – March 19, 2021
While leading public relations agencies have slashed their staffing levels in response to a sharp drop in business from fashion and red-carpet clients, a host of smaller agencies have bloomed as former employees launch their own operations in fields spanning from PR to influencer marketing and talent management.

Transparency Reigns Supreme In Successful Client-Agency Relationships
By Jonathan Schwartz, CEO and Co-Founder of Bullseye Strategy
Forbes – March 19, 2021
A healthy client-agency relationship is a partnership between a business and a marketing agency. By the very definition of the word partnership, client-agency relationships should be built on a foundation of mutual respect, trust and understanding. For client-agency relationships to succeed, all parties must be in alignment.

Social Media Drive Legislation
By Steve Barnes
O’Dwyer’s – March 18, 2021
A report from Marathon Strategies, along with cultural consultancy BLK+Cross, looks at how much social media drive legislative action when it comes to social justice reforms.

Video Visual Virtual Awards 2020 Winners
Ragan – March 18, 2021
The winners in Ragan’s Video, Visual & Virtual Awards creatively connected with their audiences and delivered compelling messages.

AMA: Quarantine (AGAIN), Business Books, KPIs, and More
By Gini Dietrich, Founder and CEO of Arment Dietrich
Spin Sucks – March 19, 2021
On this week’s Spin Sucks AMA, Gini Dietrich discusses hybrid school schedules, KPIs for earned media efforts, business books to read, and more.

Good and Bad PR: The Met gets the worst PR (though Uber comes close) whilst best PR is for P&O Cruises
By Andy Barr, Owner, 10 Yetis Digital
PRmoment (UK) – March 18, 2021
Well hello there my public relations friends (and foes!). It really does feel like it is week after week of negativity on the UK media landscape. I

As HFPA struggles with PR crisis, Hollywood keeps pressure on
By Josh Rottenberg
Los Angeles Times – March 19, 2021
Even as the HFPA promises to add 13 Black members, many across Hollywood are demanding deeper changes and holding the group’s feet to the fire.

Communicating During COVID: What Changed and Why
By Influence
Influence (UK) – March 19, 2021
2020 will be remembered across the world as the year that, for a time at least, changed everything. Our lives were altered in ways both trivial and profound, as society reset on a planetary scale. But what has really stood out for me is how quickly the “new normal” became simply normal; how effectively people and organisations adapted to these famously unprecedented times and found new ways to work.

Will the new hybrid work model be everything we want it to be?
By Arik Hanson, Principal of ACH Communications
Communications Conversations – March 19, 2021
Since last spring/summer when this pandemic began to take hold, we’ve all been talking about how its changed work forever and how the “new normal” will most like be a version of what most are calling a “hybrid model.”

What Most Companies Get Wrong When Doing Their First ESG Report
Bianchi Public Relations – March 18, 2021
Doing your first ESG (environmental, social and governance) report is not as simple or straight-forward as it seems.

What messages are sticking in 2021?
By Tina McCorkindale and Mark Weiner
PR Daily – March 19, 2021
Tina McCorkindale of the Institute for Public Relations and Mark Weiner of Cognito Insights offer up insights from their data dive in this ongoing series about the future of PR and messaging.

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