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A Crisis Comms Family Affair – A Lesson in PR Emergency Preparedness (Online PR Blog – The Hoffman Agency – August 29, 2019)

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Solving Problems in Your Communications Career
By Whitney Danhauer
Spin Sucks – August 30, 2019
The road to success is paved with challenges. In our #SpinSucksQuestion, we asked how you solved the toughest problem of your communications career.

Reimagining PR ‘rules’ to keep pace with the times
By Melanie Anne Filipp
PR Daily – August 30, 2019
Common tenets about measurement, ‘bridging’ tactics, and never ever going ‘off the record’ might not offer the best guidance for today’s communicators. Here’s a fresh perspective.

Holmes Report Announces Latin American Agency Of The Year Finalists
The Holmes Report – August 30, 2019
The selections are the result of a research process involving submissions and meetings with the best PR firms across Latin America. The winning agencies will be announced at our Latin American SABRE Awards ceremony.

Are Communicators Sending Out an SOS (Shiny Object Syndrome)?
By Sophie Maerowitz
PR News – August 29, 2019
As PR pros investigate whether a platform or tool is a fit, they also lose precious time producing thoughtful content on the channels they’ve worked so hard to cultivate audiences for.

Fantasy Draft: Selecting Your Ideal Content Team
By Lisa Arledge Powell
Public Relations Society of America – August 29, 2019
Each year, millions of people play fantasy football, and just like it’s important for you to draft a winning team, it’s important for content marketers to recruit an all-star content team.

Meet the 2019 BCA Campaign and Placement Award Winners
By Faith Dye
PR Couture – August 30, 2019
A successful PR campaign now means integration of marketing, social media and influencer relations to truly impact a business’ bottom line.

3 Common Public Relations Mistakes and How to Fix Them 
BLND Public Relations – August 30, 2019
Even the most seasoned public relations expert can make mistakes. Here are the top three most common mistakes and the ways to fix and prevent them.

British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) Issues Media Strategy RFP
By Jim Crickell
Everything PR – August 29, 2019
British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) Issues Media Strategy RFP The BBC is seeking a media agency to manage the planning, buying and return on investment

You’re Excited, They’re Excited, Everyone’s Excited! Break Free From Tired Press Release Quotes With These Tips
By Hollie Geitner
Business 2 Community – August 29, 2019
Despite the focus on digital media today, the traditional press release is still an important part of the public relations tool kit as it was more than a century ago.

A Crisis Comms Family Affair – A Lesson in PR Emergency Preparedness
Online PR Blog – The Hoffman Agency – August 29, 2019
During Bring Your Family to Work Day, we split up into teams to address crisis communications scenarios and give our families a look inside our PR world.

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