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From Lorna Jane to Hungry Jack’s: Here are 2020’s PR winners and sinners (InsideOut Public Relations (Australia) – December 18, 2020)

Summary Section:

10 Positive Ways To Address Negative Feedback On Social Media
By Forbes Communications Council
Forbes – December 18, 2020
Effectively addressing negative feedback on social media requires swift action. Planning for how your business will engage with dissatisfied customers online in advance is the key.

PR’s Top Pros Talk: Kristin Cahill [VIDEO]
By Steve Barnes
O’Dwyer’s – December 18, 2020
Kristin Cahill, who is taking the reins as CEO of GCI Health in January, talks with Doug Simon about how things have changed in the pharmaceutical industry in 2020—and about what healthcare communicators should expect in 2021—in the latest “PR’s Top Pros Talk” video interview.

From crisis to hope: Marriott’s journey through COVID-19
By Ted Kitterman
PR Daily – December 18, 2020
A new video from Marriott’s global holiday campaign presents a glimmer of hope, as the travel industry tries to move forward into a new year.

5 Trends That Defined Social Media Communications in 2020
By Sophie Maerowitz
PRNEWS – December 17, 2020
PRNEWS asks the PR community for their take on standout social media developments in 2020, from TikTok to LinkedIn Live.

Facts and Proper Language Can Overcome Vaccine Hesitancy
By Cindy DiBiasi
PRNEWS – December 18, 2020
Spewing data to people who have deep-seated concerns can make experts appear tone-deaf, and completely out of touch with the realities of much of America.

Effective Strategies to Encourage Employee Advocacy
By Patrick Thelen
Institute for Public Relations – December 17, 2020
Employers are becoming increasingly aware that their workers are a powerful and influential source of information when advocating the values of the companies they represent or praising the products and services offered by their organizations.

Laying the Groundwork for a Successful Career in PR
By Luke Smith
Culpwrit – December 17, 2020
When pursuing a career in public relations, you’ll be far happier if you are doing something you’re passionate about. Gain skills and build a resume that allow you to achieve that goal.

Report Accuses PR Firms Of Supporting Climate Change ‘Misinformation’
By David Blecken
PRovoke – December 18, 2020
‘Polluted PR’ study urges agency employees and clients to put pressure on firms that work in the interests of the fossil fuel industry.

PR must grow up and appreciate the value of qualifications, learning and research
By Stephen Waddington
Influence (UK) – December 18, 2020
Public relations constantly seeks to reinvent itself and justify its value to organisations. It has a latent insecurity about its contribution to reputation, corporate communication and marketing. In my view its attitude to education, learning and research lies at the root of the issue.

From Lorna Jane to Hungry Jack’s: Here are 2020’s PR winners and sinners
By Nicole Reaney, Director of InsideOut PR
InsideOut Public Relations (Australia) – December 18, 2020
This year we saw businesses respond in fight or flight mode, as an extraordinary pandemic affected the world-over. Despite these challenges, we witnessed some organisations bury into reputational damage, while others won customers over through innovation and connection.

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