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PR Trends For 2020 To Keep You Ahead Of The Game (Forbes – December 23, 2019)

“Merry Impeachmas” Stirs Controversy (O’Dwyer’s – December 23, 2019)

A PR Pro Picks Top Five Crises of 2019 (PR News – December 23, 2019) [VIDEO]

Top 5 PR Campaigns of 2019 (Meltwater Blog – December 23, 2019)

How Santa Uses the PESO Model to Own Christmas (Spin Sucks – December 23, 2019)

Setting People-First Goals in a Technology-First Decade (CommPro – December 23, 2019)

PR predictions for 2020 (Babel – December 23, 2019)

Why You Should Set Your Personal Goals Now to Start 2020 Right (Iliyana Stareva Blog – December 23, 2019)

Four PR Priorities for 2020 (Everything PR – December 23, 2019)

3 ways marketing teams can boost public relations (Agility PR – December 23, 2019)

Former ABC Comms Exec Lands at WarnerMedia (O’Dwyer’s – December 20, 2019)

Summary Section:

PR Trends For 2020 To Keep You Ahead Of The Game
By Darian Kovacs, Founding Partner at Jelly Digital Marketing & PR
Forbes – December 23, 2019
I live and breathe PR, and with that, I’ve rounded up four trends I foresee making an impact on PR strategies this coming year.

“Merry Impeachmas” Stirs Controversy
By Ronn Torossian, CEO of 5WPR
O’Dwyer’s – December 23, 2019
The press is supposed to report stories, not become stories, but that standard has shifted in today’s media landscape. These days, members of the media are facing relatively unprecedented scrutiny. One of the more recent examples of this phenomenon is the curious case of “Merry Impeachmas.”

A PR Pro Picks Top Five Crises of 2019 [VIDEO]
By Seth Arenstein
PR News – December 23, 2019
Girls and boys, it’s the moment you’ve been waiting for: Ashley McCown’s year-end video with her choices of the top PR crises for the final 6 months of 2019.

Top 5 PR Campaigns of 2019
Meltwater Blog – December 23, 2019
As PR pros look back on 2019, there’s a lot to study – but which brands stood out with their public relations campaigns?

How Santa Uses the PESO Model to Own Christmas
By Laura Petrolino, Chief Client Officer at Arment Dietrich
Spin Sucks – December 23, 2019
If you think about it, Santa Claus may be the most powerful brand in the world. Here’s how he uses the PESO model to be a communications powerhouse.

Setting People-First Goals in a Technology-First Decade
By Camille Nicita, President & CEO, Gongos, Inc.
CommPro – December 23, 2019
Given the uncertainty that 2020 will undoubtedly bring with elections and shifting corporate mandates, it’s more important than ever for business leaders to set priorities for the decade ahead.

PR predictions for 2020
By Ian Hood
Babel – December 23, 2019
Making predictions in the world of public relations and communications is always a dangerous thing but as we approach 2020 here’s a list of five that I feel reasonably comfortable with (with the notable exception of No.5). …

Why You Should Set Your Personal Goals Now to Start 2020 Right
By Iliyana Stareva
Iliyana Stareva Blog – December 23, 2019
Setting the right goals is the key to success but so is creating and sticking to a plan to achieve them.

Four PR Priorities for 2020
By Ronn Torossian
Everything PR – December 23, 2019
It’s that time of year: 2019 is coming to an end, and the predictions for 2020 have begun to roll in.

3 ways marketing teams can boost public relations
By Brett Clawson
Agility PR – December 23, 2019
A good brand will likely remain the same—good, not great—unless its marketability is boosted. Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs often make the mistake of letting the fruits of their hard work slip into anonymity.

Former ABC Comms Exec Lands at WarnerMedia
By Steve Barnes
O’Dwyer’s – December 20, 2019
Jori Arancio Jori Arancio, who left Disney-ABC in October after 21 years with the company, has been named executive vice president of communications at WarnerMedia’s HBO Max, TNT, TBS and TruTV units.

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