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Sena Pottackal Shares How PR Leaders Can Prioritize Accessibility & Inclusivity (March Communications – March 11, 2021) [PODCAST]

Summary Section:

17 Signs You Work in Public Relations
By Matthew Cruz
One Pitch – March 10, 2021
See our full list of the 17 signs you work in public relations submitted by public relations professionals on Twitter.

PR’s Top Pros Talk: Barri Rafferty
By Steve Barnes
O’Dwyer’s – March 10, 2021
Wells Fargo head of communications and brand management Barri Rafferty sits down with Doug Simon to talk about how women can advance their careers on the latest “PR’s Top Pros Talk” video interview.

Taking a stand against Asian hate
By Telly Wong
PR Daily – March 10, 2021
In the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak, the Asian-American community faced an alarming surge in targeted violence and harassment. A PR pro offers tips on how to address the important issue and make an impact.

How Three Pieces of SEO Data Can Fuel Your PR Strategy
By Joe Friedlein
PRNEWS – March 10, 2021
SEO data can inform PR pros about which sites to target, topics to focus on and how to get the most longevity from media coverage.

The Executive’s Guide to the PESO Model: How It Works
By Gini Dietrich, Founder and CEO of Arment Dietrich
Spin Sucks – March 11, 2021
There are two sides of the PESO Model coin: organic and paid and Gini Dietrich walks you through how to use both to win the Golden Ticket for your biz.

5 Tips For Writing an Effective Media Pitch
BLND Public Relations – March 10, 2021
Want to know how a successful public relations agency writes compelling media pitches guaranteed to stand out in any writer’s inbox?

The Growing Threat of Deepfakes to Brand and Executive Reputation
By Alex Romero, COO, Constella Intelligence
CommPro (UK) – March 10, 2021
Fake viral videos, images, and audio clips that appear indiscernibly real are catching public attention in a myriad of ways, as bad actors look to intentionally damage reputations or impersonate key individuals to obtain sensitive data or influence public opinion.

Burger King UK and Teen Vogue Crises
By Beth Monaghan, CEO of InkHouse
InkHouse – March 10, 2021
This week two crises made headlines. Burger King UK, as part of International Women’s Day, tweeted, “Women belong in the kitchen.” The post was meant to highlight the fact that only 20% of chefs are female and Burger King UK was awarding culinary scholarships to women. Who isn’t happy about that? Except the point got buried as Twitter erupted in outrage.

International Women’s Year
By Haley Cinotto
AMP3PR – March 10, 2021
While this past Monday we celebrated International Women’s Day, it also coincidentally coincided with the anniversary of the COVID-19 pandemic. Let’s start off by saying how the heck is it March again already? It’s like we never left March in the first place.

Sena Pottackal Shares How PR Leaders Can Prioritize Accessibility & Inclusivity [PODCAST]
March Communications – March 11, 2021
Sena Pottackal shares her experience as a blind woman in the industry and talks about bringing accessibility and inclusivity to the workplace.

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