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When Designing Controls Around Your Crisis Communications, Don’t Do This! (Melissa Agnes Crisis Management – September 5, 2019) [VIDEO]

Summary Section:

30 jobs in the PR and marketing world
By Brendan Gannon
PR Daily – September 4, 2019
When being interviewed for a potential job, you shouldn’t say certain things. Find out which phrases to avoid and what to offer instead. Then, check out our list of current openings.

What Happens When an Apolitical Brand Finally Takes a Stand?
By Seth Arenstein
PR News – September 4, 2019
Specifically, Walmart said it plans to halt sales of handguns in Alaska, the last state where it still sells them. It will continue to sell long-barrel deer rifles and shotguns.

Global Cloud-Based Communications and PR Solutions Leader
By Jenn Deering Davis
Cision – September 5, 2019
B2B influencer programs rely more on good old-fashioned relationship building than many of the mass influencer marketing programs B2C brands use. As such, working with B2B influencers falls squarely into PR’s purview—it’s all about identifying and building relationships with trusted experts who can help you amplify your message.

Moving from Thought Leadership to Thoughtful Leadership
By Jon Goldberg, Founder and CEO of Reputation Architects
Spin Sucks – September 5, 2019
Many people treat thought leadership and content marketing as one and the same. Jon Goldberg explains why it should be called thoughtful leadership.

Marketing And Brand Activism
5W Public Relations – September 5, 2019
Now employees at several large and well-known companies are raising their voice and informing their employers how they feel about different social and political issues. Is this good or bad for a company’s business?

5 ways internal communicators can boost their impact
By Mike Klein
Ragan – September 5, 2019
Being part of the engine that drives cultural change and fulfills the organization’s mission is compelling, perhaps even addictive. Here are whys and hows for increasing your career buzz.

What PR Professionals Need To Know About PPC Cross-Pollination
By Rodney Lews, Editor, Ecommerce Platforms
CommPro – September 5, 2019
PPC and PR might not seem like an obvious fit at first, but there are actually loads of great PPC tactics and wins that PR pros can learn from and make the most of. Mathematical, strategic, competitive — PCC is a real marketing powerhouse.

Brands Face Rising Boycott Risks: How PR Can Prepare and Respond
By William Comcowich
Glean.info – September 4, 2019
According to research from Cone Communications, 76% of consumers say they’d be willing to boycott a company if they disagree with values it advocates.

What is a fact sheet?
By Alison Bailin
HMA Public Relations – September 4, 2019
In the latest addition to our PR Toolbox, Alison reviews the importance of a fact sheet.

When Designing Controls Around Your Crisis Communications, Don’t Do This! [VIDEO]
By Melissa Agnes
Melissa Agnes Crisis Management – September 5, 2019
One of the challenges of communicating effectively in times of viral issue and crisis management is ensuring that your brand’s communications are consistent across every stakeholder group, region and department. In other words, you don’t want one team of people saying one thing, while another team says another.

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