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What is the PESO Model and Why Should Public Relations Agencies Embrace It (BLND Public Relations – September 2, 2019)

Summary Section:

How to Leverage AI in PR for Amazing Results
By Wendy Marx, President of Marx Communications
Marx Communications – September 2, 2019
Artificial intelligence and public relations are a powerhouse for brands. Learn what is coming for AI in PR and how you can most benefit from it.

You — Yes, You! — Can Be A Storyteller
By Beth Noymer Levine, Founder & Principal of SmartMouth Communications
Forbes – September 3, 2019
Regardless of the type of presentation you need to make, stories are the best way to capture your audience’s interest and leave them with something impactful.

How to respond when you go viral for all the wrong reasons
By Shirley Powell
Ragan – September 3, 2019
Guerrilla marketing sometimes lives up to its name, as when LED devices are mistaken for bombs in a major city—and all hell breaks loose. Priorities and agility become crucial factors.

Can America’s top CEO’s save capitalism? (Ep. 182) [PODCAST]
The Echo Chamber podcast | Holmes Report – August 31, 2019
Paul Holmes examines the Business Roundtable’s recent announcement that shareholder interests do not outweigh the broader concerns of society and employees.

How Employers Can Use Informal Communication to Build Strong Relationships
By Meagan DiPolo
Institute for Public Relations – August 30, 2019
Employers should utilize possible communications networks that exist within informal peer-to-peer communication rather than employers solely using formal means of communication.

Reaching Today’s 35 and Under Crowd
By Lou Hoffman, CEO of the Hoffman Agency
Ishmael’s Corner – The Hoffman Agency – September 3, 2019
Every generation – boomers, Gen Xers, millennials, and beyond – brings its own values. Communications need to should change accordingly.

Ten lessons for marketers from the D23 conference
By Stephen Brown
Cookerly PR – August 30, 2019
Thousands of Disney, Marvel, Pixar and Lucasfilm fans descended upon the Anaheim Convention Center & Arena this week for the ultimate biennial celebration of enchanting animation and swashbuckling storytelling.

How PR Talk Undermines Your Credibility
By Arthur Solomon
Glean.info – September 3, 2019
Some words used in PR, although harmless, can mislead people outside of the business.

I’m going to take my social media strategy to the old town road
By Marissa Baker
HMA Public Relations – August 30, 2019
Meme marketing is a great way to engage with your audience through social media, especially with the average person spending over two hours online daily.

6 Ideas to Repurpose Content that Require Very Little Effort
By Helen Stark
Mention Blog – September 3, 2019
Creating great content takes time. In this blog post, learn how to repurpose content to share one message in different forms and increase your reach.

What is the PESO Model and Why Should Public Relations Agencies Embrace It
BLND Public Relations – September 2, 2019
Here, we break down each part of the PESO model and explain why it is important for public relations agencies to embrace.

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